Select Module to Download from the list below.  

Download the appropriate patch file to update your Accounting System with the latest revision.  This patch will correct any errors that have been reported to Perfect Software. It is imperative that you install this Patch file in the same sub-directory as your existing program files. (example C:\Perfect, F:\Acct, etc.)
The patch file will override existing program files only.  YOUR DATA FILES WILL NOT BE AFFECTED.
Note: Download these files ONLY  if  you  are  using  Version 8.7

STEP#1 - Print instructions             
 You have 2 options:
     - Select the "Printer Icon" on your tool bar.
     - Select "File" and "Print".

STEP#2 - When you click on the Download Hyperlink this is what you will see:
     a. An installation screen will appear asking you to either "Run this program" or "Save this program to  a disk".  Choose "Save this program to a disk" and click "OK".    

    b. When you are asked to save this file, the "Save In" location should default to the "Desktop".   If not, click on the down arrow next to the "Save In" field and select "desktop".  Do not change the name of the file to be saved and click on "Save".  When  completed click on "Close".  

   c. Once you are done downloading the file  close your browser.  You should see a new icon on your Desktop. (example: Ap87p.exe)
   e. Click twice on this icon using the left side of your mouse to start the installation  process.  The program will begin a series of questions to assist in the installation process.

 Important: You must know where you will be loading this program prior to the installation. If you do not know where your existing program is loaded, run your existing program, and go to "Help", "Technical Help", and look under PROGRAM.

Select Module to download:



Download Accounts Payable Now     Aug. 18, 2002 
Download Accounts Receivable Now      Aug. 18, 2002
Download Bank Reconciliation Now       Aug. 18, 2002
Download Enhanced Financial Stmts. Now      Aug. 18, 2002
Download General Ledger Now       Aug. 18, 2002
Download Inventory Now       Aug. 18, 2002
Download Job Costing Now      Aug. 18, 2002
Download Order Entry Now       Aug. 18, 2002
(Version 8.97b) Download Payroll Now       See Home page for Payroll Updates
Download Purchase Order Now      Not available 

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