Advertising Information


What is an ad banner?
An ad banner is an ad on the Web that links to an advertiser’s site or a buffer page.
         Banners are the most common type of Web ad, and they come in a wide variety of sizes.

Do I need a Web site?
Yes, before you do any online advertising, you definitely need to have a Web site. An ad
          banner needs a destination or a URL to a Web site once a user clicks on it. If you need a
          Web site, you have two options

One option is to become an EarthLink member which includes a free 6MB Web site with your account. (If you're already an EarthLink member, you can sign up for your 6MB here.)

A second option is to purchase a business Web site at AOL or any other web hosting company.

How much does Perfect Software charge for online advertising?
Perfect Software rates are based on a monthly basis. To advertise on Perfect Software's
          web site in the general run of site category, the rate is $60 per month with a $20 set up

What are the specifications for ad banners at Perfect Software?
All ad banners must be 400 x 100 pixels with a file size no larger than 10K. Perfect
          Software has the right to refuse any advertising that it deems inappropriate for the site.
          Completed ad banners are emailed with traffic instructions to Media Coordinator, at

Who creates the ad banners?
Ad banners are created by advertisers. Perfect Software can create ad banners for
          outside companies or members. If you are a small company and do not employ a graphic
         designer, you can hire a freelance designer. To find out more information on hiring Perfect
         Software to create a banner for your company contact us at 626/455-9700 or email
          us at .


— an ad on the Web that links to an advertiser's site or a buffer page. Banners are the most common type of Web ad, and they come in a wide variety of sizes.

Click Through — generated when a user clicks with their mouse on an advertiser's message in order to move to the advertiser's Web site. A click through is often stated as a percentage of page impressions; if 1,000 Internet users view an advertiser's message, and 60 click on the message to view the advertiser's information, the click through rate is 6%. Also referred to as a "yield" or "yield rate."

Impressions — the number of times an ad banner is requested by site visitors' browsers— and presumably seen by the user. Guaranteed impressions are the minimum times an ad banner has the opportunity to be seen by visitors (as specified in the contract).

General Run of Site — a general online advertising rotation package on a site that doesn't target a specific area. For example, Perfect Software general run of site includes the corporate homepage & the personal start page.

Hits — every element of a requested page (including text, graphics, and interactive items) is counted as a "hit" to a server. Hits is not the preferred term for site traffic measurement because the number of hits per page varies widely. There are an average of six hits per page.

Page Views or Page Deliveries — the number of times a Web page is requested. Page views, not hits, are the preferred counting method for site-traffic estimates and measurement.



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