How much Do I need to pay for my program Updates?

If you have an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP)
your updates/upgrades are FREE.  Just fill out the on-line Order Form for us to verify your address and related information.

To find out if you have an AMP Plan:
                                    - Run any Perfect Software Program
                                    - Click on Help, then
                                    - Click on Technical Support
In this Technical Support dialog box you will be able to see your Annual Maintenance Plan expiration date, if the field is blank, it means you do not have an AMP.

If you DO NOT have an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP), or it has expired your upgrade/update is $275.00 per module.
You have until December 10, of each year to sign up or renew your AMP for the following year, and get upgrades/updates and Technical support for FREE for one year.

                     Annual Maintenance Plan Rates
                     Effective November 1, 2001 the AMP rate is 16% of the stated list price of each module with a
                     minimum $250.00 per customer.  E.g.
                        Customer with 3 single Co. modules:

3 (modules) x $895 (price-Single Co.) = $2,685 x 16% = $430.00
    Customer with 1 module:
Minimum amount applies: $250.00

If you have more than one program, you must buy AMP for all.

If you are still using our DOS Versions, please reconsider updating to our Windows version. We will not be updating the tax tables, or forms in the DOS version. 

If you have a customized program, please call your sales representative or dealer.

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