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Additional Services provided by Perfect Software:
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Third Party products
Training & Support
Hardware Consultants
Staffing & Employment
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)



Outside from "Word of Mouth" advertising is the most effective way to get new business.  And if done right it can be very profitable.  Let Perfect Software show you how to market your product(s) and service(s) to hundreds of prospects.  For further detail click here.


In addition to our accounting modules we carry associations with several packages that allow you to accomplish more than you could have ever thought possible. See how easy it can be to speed up productivity with our "add-on" products.  For further detail click here.


Perfect Software offers a number of options for training:

On-site training is the best approach for those who want to receive help on installing our program directly as it relates to their company. Our current training rates are $90 per hour plus a trip charge and related expenses*. (*Related expenses generally relate to training as requiring air travel).  Classroom training is offered for a low cost alternative to on-site training.

Telephone support, which is geared to solving specific questions, is also available.  Telephone support is handled by our Annual Maintenance Plan.



Perfect Software also has affiliates with hardware consultants.  We try to cover most every location and every specialty.  Our consultants specialize in hardware only so you can be sure that they "know their stuff".  For a complete listing click here.


In addition to on-site training we have a service that can provide you staffing for either part time up to full charge bookkeeping positions. This is a FREE service to you.  For further details click here.


Perfect Software can handle your request. This is currently being updated please return later to review the information.


E-Commerce is the latest wave in helping companies meet the 24 hour 7 days a week aspect of the business.  Why not let Perfect Software help you service your current and potential customer while you sleep.  For further details click here.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

With companies such as Walmart, Target, HomeBase, Home Depot, K-Mart, Payless, and Lowe's, demanding to do business on a "PAPERLESS" system, EDI allows you to meet their requirements without the complication of learning an additional system or adding more staff! For further details click here.

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