Annual Maintenance Program

Protection...Got Any???

Is it worth it to go unprotected? Most of us have car insurance, house insurance, and even death insurance. Why would you place your businesses accounting finances in a system that was not insured?

We agreed and came up with the perfect (no pun intended) solution. It's called an Annual Maintenance Plan. This coverage is so good that clients are raving about how it's paid for itself within the first 3 months. With unlimited telephone support, assistance is just a call away. This also includes all updates, enhancements and new releases; insuring that you have the latest technology available. See it's not about just the coverage; it's about getting the most out of the technology around you. Using it to the best of your ability and allowing us to show you how.

So call your Perfect Software representative at 626/445-9700 for further details on how you can subscribe to this program.

Annual Maintenance Program
Effective December 1, 2001    )

  • Platinum (Plan P)*     
    -Unlimited technical calls a year
    -Includes updates
16% of Retail Cost

*Minimum charge is $250
 3% of custom portion
 0% of custom converted to generic


If Annual Maintenance plan is Declined The Following Applies:

  • Technical support calls will be billed at $3.50 per minute with a 15 minute minimum and are only billable by credit card.

  • All update releases will be purchased at $350 per module per update.  
    This is not applicable to custom and will be billed separately.

Frequency Of Updates

Updates for all modules (except Payroll) are released once a year; however, if certain modules received significant enhancements then an update will occur more often.  The Payroll module normally will receive 2 to 3 updates each year:

  • Our normal one is in December of the prior year, then again
  • During the 1st quarter of the following year which normally deals with DE-6 form changes, then again
  • In June for states on a 7/1 - 6/30 fiscal year that are changing their state withholding 

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