Accounts Payable

Key Reports

Quick Review of a General  Ledger Accounts Activity

Payee Register
- Display open payables and/or paid bills by
  vendor name
- Print by department or consolidated
- Print by date range

Check Register
- Print a check register for up to 999 cash
- Print by department or consolidated
- Print by date range
- Pint by check number range

Cash Requirements
- Prints a report of open payables by due date
- Print by department or consolidated

Aged Payables Report
- Print in vendor name, customer code or project
  number sequence
- Print by department or consolidated
- Print by date range
- Option to select one or all vendors
- Option to select detail or summary by vendor

Vendor Ledger History Report
- Similar to a bookkeeper's ledger card
  displaying 3 columns; Charges, Payments and

1099 Report and Forms
- Will print a 1099 misc. on a preprinted laser or
  dot matrix form

Purchases Journal Report
- By open and/or paid transactions
- Print by department or consolidated
- Print by date range

Key Features:
- Three lines of description are available for each
- Recurring payables can be automatically posted
- You have the ability to transfer information to

  the General Ledger as often as you wish.  You
  can select either a cash or accrual basis
  interface to the General Ledger.
- Each item on a vendor invoice can be allocated
  to a separate account of job project number
- Links with Trans Micro's Check Factory for MICR
  encoded printing on checks, and Laser Forms
  Energizer for laser generated forms.
- Priority pay codes can be assigned to any open
  payable, which allows payables to be paid in
  batches (by priority code).
- Invoice numbers are optional when adding an
  open payable.  Invoice numbers can be up to
  twelve alpha-numeric characters, if used.
- To change information in a transaction, you may
  access each record by vendor code or name,
  check/reference number, job/project number or
  account number.
- Partial payments are easily processed.
- Vendor reference or account number may be
  printed on checks
- Daily back-ups can easily be made via menu

Check Printing
- You have the option to either print the check
  headings or you can use pre-printed checks
- All reports are time and date stamped
- Up to eleven alpha-numeric characters are
  allowed for vendor codes
- Checks are printed by vendor name or code,
  job/project number, location or priority pay code
  You may select items to be paid individually or by all 
  open items with due dates up to a user-specified
- Year-to-date expenditures are maintained by vendor
- The aging date for running the Aged Payables
  report and the time interval between aging
  buckets is user-defined

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