Accounts Receivable

The following forms and reports can be generated by the Accounts Receivable system:

Customer Ledger History
- Similar to a bookkeeper's ledger card
  displaying 3 columns; Charges, Payments
  and Balances

- Up to six lines of comments are allowed at
  the top of each invoice
- Any number of two-line comments are
  allowed throughout the invoice
- Recurring items accommodated
- Up to four lines of description are allowed for
  each invoiced item
- User defined sub-total

Customer Statements
- Print by department or consolidated
- Print individual statement or all

Invoice Register
- By department or consolidated

Cash Receipts Register
- Select by date range
- By department or consolidated

General Ledger Distribution Report/Sales Journal
- Open items only or paid items only
- Open and Paid items
- Accrual basis

Salesperson Commission Report
- Cash basis or accrual basis is available


Accounts Receivable Aging Report
- By department or consolidated
- By salesperson
- Individual customer or all

Key Features:
- Temporary files are supported so you can control who
  has access to change/delete daily transactions
-Credit memos are easily applied against the related
  outstanding invoices.
- Recurring entries can be automatically posted
- Cash may be automatically applied against
  several invoices
- You may transfer information to the General Ledger as
  often as you wish.  You may also select a cash or
  accrual basis interface to the General Ledger
- Miscellaneous receipts of cash are easy to record, no
  invoice number is needed
- Open item or balance forward payment processing is
- Commissions for up to three salespersons can be
  calculated by invoice, as well as by line item
- Unlimited sales tax rates are allowed.  For Order
  Entry/Invoicing purposes, you may assign a
  default rate
- Sales tax rates may be changed globally by rate and
  zip code
- To change information in a transaction you may access
  each record by customer code or name, 
  receipt/reference number, invoice number or account
- Partial payments are easily applied
- Write-offs are easily handled
- All reports are time and date-stamped
- Up to eleven alpha-numeric characters are allowed for
  customer codes
- Year-to-date totals are maintained by customer. These
  can be reset to zero at the end of each year

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