Bank Reconciliation

Key Features:
- Ability to clear checks by a check number
  range or by individual check number
- Ability to sum up deposits by day to easily
  match to the bank statement
- Easily tracks deposits in transit,
  outstanding checks and adjustments
- Reconciliation of multiple bank accounts
- Comprehensive Bank Reconciliation Report
- Ability to post a balancing adjustment
- Back-ups can be made via menu steps
- Interfaces from other modules are easy,
  one-step procedures
- Ability to purge old records by date range
Simply transfer your checks, deposits and adjustments to the Bank Reconciliation system.  Then take your bank statement and mark all items that have cleared the bank.  The system will generate a report reconciling the bank balance to the General Ledger systems chart of accounts "book balance".

If the General Ledger system is not being used you will be prompted to enter an ending balance for the cash account being reconciled.

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