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STEP#1 - Print instructions
 You have 2 options:
     - Select the "Printer Icon" on your tool bar.
     - Select "File" and "Print".

STEP#2 - Choose Demo program to download.
     a. From the list of demo's available select the system you wish to evaluate 
        and click once on it with the left side of your mouse.

     b. An installation screen will appear asking you to either "Run this program" or "Save this program to 
        a disk
".  Choose "Save this program to a disk" and click "OK".    

    c. When you are asked to save this file, the "Save In" location should default to the "Desktop".  
          If not, click on the down arrow next to the "Save In" field and select "desktop".  Do not change
          the name of the file to be saved and click on "Save".  When  completed click on "Close".  

    * Repeat step 2 for each demo program you wish to download. 
   d. Once you are done downloading all of the programs you wish to evaluate minimize the screen 
       by clicking on the top right icon that looks like a  minus sign.  You should see an icon(s) that                   look like open box(es) (AP-Ver85_Demo.exe) on your Desktop  

   e. Click twice on this icon using the left side of your mouse to activate the installation 
        process.  The program will begin a series of questions to assist in the installation process.

STEP#3 - Installation Process
   a. The installation process has been designed to use a set of defaults, if you are unsure of any answers 
        to the install program questions use the defaults provided. 

    b. Once the installation process is complete click on "finish

    c. The Demo program will be located on your Desktop (i.e.   Accounts Payable).   Click once with the left side of your mouse to  run the program.  The first time you enter any Perfect Software demo program you will be  asked a series of questions.  These questions allow us to customize the program to fit
your companies needs and requirements.  A manual is available for you in the "help" section of
the program to answer any questions you may have, or you can contact one of our technical 
support staff members at 626/445-6474.  You can run this Demo for 30 days to evaluate.  If 
you need more time request an extension from Perfect Software.

    d. Sample data is available for your use, just click on Demo.  The program will also allow you to enter 
        in your own data.  

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