General Ledger

The General Ledger Report
- Current period or year-to-date report options
- Portrait or landscape mode reports
- Print one account, a range of accounts, or all
- Print by department or consolidated
- Option to suppress detail for up to five ranges
  of accounts
The General Ledger has a number of time-Saving features:
- Temporary files are supported so you can
  continue to add information for subsequent
  months while your current month is still open
- Ability to run most reports from the temporary
  or main file
The General Ledger has the capabilities for all your monthly reporting needs, including:

Trial Balances
- Print by department or consolidated
- Working Trial Balance Worksheet
- Option to review a range of accounts

Balance Sheet and Income Statement
- Print by department or consolidated
- User-defined report titles

Check Distribution Report
- Displays account number, invoice number,

Payee Register
- Ability to list a specific payee

Check Register
- Option to flag out of sequence checks
- Displays check number, payee, date and

Cash Receipts Register
- Displays receipt number, payer, date and

1099 Recipient Report
- Individual 1099 forms can be printed from
  Accounts Payable.

- Up to three lines of description are allowed for
  each entry.
- Recurring and reversing journal entries can be
  automatically posted.
- Intra-period adjustments (within the same
  year) can be easily posted.
- The number of accounting periods allowed per
  year is virtually unlimited.  However, if you are
  using Enhanced Financial Reporting, you are
  limited to thirteen accounting periods.
- If you are using departments, you may select
  a source department from which to replicate
  your chart of accounts for other departments.
- The General Ledger can be viewed on the
  screen or printed to regular or wide carriage
  printers. Both landscape and portrait modes
  are supported for laser printers.
- The Chart of Accounts can be printed with or
  without balances or Assets, Liability and
  Equity category titles.
- Financial Statement summarization is pre-set
  based on your account number structure, so
  there is no laborious effort to print a financial
- Account numbers are five digits.  The
  sub-account option allows for an additional
  seven digits.  Up to 999 cash accounts and
  999 departments are allowed.
- To change information in a transaction you
  may access each record by payee, check
  number, receipt number, journal entry number,
  or by account number.
- History files are automatically created at the
  end of each period.  These files can be used
  to print year-to-date General Ledger reports in
  the General Ledger system, prior period
  financials, or prior period trial balances.

- All reports are time and date stamped.


- Set up time for the General Ledger is nominal.
  Once the General Ledger chart of accounts is
  defined, the other modules (Accounts Payable,
  Accounts Receivable, etc.) can use this file.

- If you need more flexibility, the Enhanced
  Financial Reporting system offers user-defined
  sub-totaling and other options for the power

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