Key Features:
- Quick access to specific inventory item balances.
- Automatic calculation of economic order
  quantity (EOQ).
- Inventory item cross-reference between vendor
  and user product item numbers.
- Twenty character, alpha-numeric product
  item code with up to two lines of description.
- Special screen option allows you to transfer
  inventory quantities from one product item
  code to another, as well as transfer
  quantities from one warehouse to another.
- Inventory tracking by warehouse, lot/bin,
  product group, and project number.

The following reports will help you track Inventory and its quantities:

Inventory Transactions Journal
- Able to sort by inventory item, warehouse,
  lot/bin, project (if selected) or input order
- Print summary or detail of information
- Selection of individual items or all
- Screen display or print option
- Date range option
- Other sort options include:
   - Vendor
   - Account Number
   - Current of history transactions

Sales Price List
- Displays product item codes, description,
  and up to 12 price levels

Distribution by G/L Report
- Display by summary or detail
- Select by warehouse, lot/bin, individual item
  or all
- Date range
- Screen display or print option

  Re-Order Report
- Selection of individual items or all
- Option to display search criteria by warehouse,
  lot/bin group, or account
- Screen or print display

Quick Review
- Will display quantities both received and
  issued (i.e. sold)
- Total cost of items received and issued
- The cost per unit
- Quantities on order
- Selection by date range
- Screen display or print option

Physical observation worksheet
- Selection criteria available by individual
  item, warehouse, product group, and lot/bin
- Screen display or print option
- Displays the quantity

Bill of Materials
- Groups raw materials to be sold as finished
- Maintains multiple components in particular sets
- Prints a components list either by individual
  set or all
- Print labels for components
- Change alternate items globally

Security Password System
- A security password system is available which has been designed to limit access by staff person to certain master files, reporting steps, transaction fields, and confidential salary information via password(s).  All parameters are controlled and assigned by a designated system manager.


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