Job Costing

Key Features:
Accounting for up to 10,000 jobs
- Up to 100,000 phases/categories allowed
  within a job (i.e. Roofing, Drywall, etc.)
- Option to use a standard set of categories/
  phases for each job
- Accounting for change orders
- Accounting for jobs extending over one
- Automatic allocation of overhead charges
  from the General Ledger and Payroll systems
- Accrual or cash basis Job Costing reports
- Budget comparisons by materials and labor
  costs or by total cost
- Displays remaining budget and percent
- Ability to sum budgets by category to
  update total budget in the client file
- Ability to assign activity codes to each job
  (i.e. open, pending, closed)
- Summary or detail of category/phase
- Date range option
- Individual project/client number or all
- Display specific project with all change
- Include Accounts Payable job charges
- Summarize project expenses
- Ability to suppress specific columns 
  (i.e. hours, labor and material expenses) for
  a condensed report format
- Option to skip closed projects

Staff Utilization Report (by project)
- Displays a specific job listing hours and
  wages for each employee that worked on
  the related job
- Option to skip closed jobs

  Staff Utilization Report (summary)
- Summarizes employee hours and wages for
  each job worked on and provides a
  sub-total by employee
- Date range option

Quick Review - Activity by Individual Job
- Date range option
- Option to include Accounts payable job
- Option to summarize project expenses
- Ability to suppress specific columns (i.e.
  hours, labor, and material expenses) for a
  condensed report format

Category/Phase Report
- This report reflects expenses and time
  charges by category for all jobs
- Ability to exclude closed jobs
- Summary format - All projects for 1 phase
- Detailed format - 1 phase for 1 project

Summary Report - Grand Total
- This report prints cumulative and current
  hours, job charges and write-off for a quick
  look at all jobs
- Ability to select a specific project/client
- Ability to display budgets compared against
  cumulative charges
- Can be run by client name or project
- Option to skip closed jobs

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