Nursery Version

Have we got what you need!! Flexible Accounting Software with features specifically designed for your industry without the high cost of industry specific software. Simplify your life by making your company run more efficiently with our complete Perfect Software Accounting Series. With our Inventory and Order Entry Systems we can tailor the data input screens, pick tickets and invoices to speak your “lingo”. With options all the way from EDI (Electronic Data Entry) to Off-Site Transfers (i.e. remote order processing by outside salespersons) we can easily handle the single or multiple yard nurseries / growers. The system produces a variety of “Edit Listings” which are

reports designed to simplify the pick-up of product throughout the yard when filling an order. If shipping by truck, these reports will also layout the “dock order” and “loading sequence”.



Over our 20 year history our Inventory System has been enhanced to include features such as:
► Container sizes

► Up to 15 different price levels

► Bar Coding

Plus, reference and cross-reference codes such as:

► SKU#

► UPC Code

► Reorder Code

► Manufacturing Code

► Vendor Code


The shipping invoice/packing slip provides “special instructions and shipping/receiving” information, such as:

► Order Date ► Date Wanted
► Ordered By ► Loading Order
► Pallet Number ► Freight Zone

► Dock Number ► Mapped

Sales Reports are very comprehensive and include:

► Customer Sales Report

► Invoice Register / Billing Report

► Product Sales Reports

● Cumulative sales by product

● Sales activity by product item

● Salesperson sales by product



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