Order Entry

Key Features:
- Once items are invoiced, you may transfer
   the information to Accounts Receivable,
   where cash can then be applied against
   open invoices.
- Three to twelve price levels per product are
   available.  Special Product Pricing per
   product allows the user to assign special
   pricing per product on an individual
   customer basis.

Pack/Style Feature
- Automatically translates boxes, cartons,
   etc., to a unit quantity; i.e. one case
   equals one hundred items.

Prices can be calculated as a percentage of cost.

Following are the reports and forms
generated by Order Entry:

- Sales Orders
- Invoices
- Backorder Report
- Packing Slip or Pick Ticket
- Shipping Labels (3" or 4")

Customer Sales Report
- Option to show line item detail by invoice or
- Customer Sales by Salesperson
- Customer Sales by Product Item

Product Sales Report
- Option to show line item detail by invoice or
- Option to display or suppress cost information
- Option to sum by customer for each product code
- Sum on product item

Product Price List
- Option to show detail on specific price level
- Display product code, description, taxable, etc.


  Product Activity Report
- Shows product item code, description, quantity
  sold to date sales & costs.

Salesperson and Commission Report
- Show one or all salespeople
- Display cost information as well as sales prices
- Show by invoice or one-line summary
- Option to display by lead source

- The Commission Report has the ability to
  calculate sales commission, for up to 4 sales
  people per product, on either a Gross (total sales)
  or Net (total sales less cost) basis.

- Order Entry invoices can be printed on dot
  matrix or laser printers.

Sales Distribution by General Ledger Account
- Select by invoice number and date range
- Select by either sales or cost

Key Features:
- The Order Entry/Invoicing system has a number
   of features that will help make your billing
   department function more efficiently:
- Customers can be added dynamically to either the
  Accounts Receivable or Order Entry/Invoicing
  customer master file while in order entry
- User-defined sales tax rate by customer
- Recurring orders can be easily entered and

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
- The Order Entry/Invoicing system will interface
   both incoming (receipts of purchase orders from
   trading partner) and outgoing (issuance of
   invoice to trading partners)
*This feature may require customization in
  conjunction with your
trading partners'
  specifications.  Contact a Perfect Software
  Representative for further details

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