Key Features:
- Calculation of deductions for wages up to
- Accounting for after-the-fact payroll
- Selection of manual checks with stubs or
   three computerized payroll check formats
- Ability to designate where the payee,
   amount, and date information should
   appear on the check
- Up to eight user-defined deductions
- Monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly and
   weekly payroll
- IRS Magnetic media Reporting system by
(a Perfect Software Companion

- Customized MICR encoded checks on blank
   check stock with the Check Factory
   system (a Perfect Software companion
- Accommodates 401K deductions as a
   percentage of gross pay, flat rate, or rate
   time hours worked
- Employee master files maintained in either
   first name/last name or last name/first
   name order
- Tracking of sick, vacation and holiday hours
- Option for up to 5 wage rates per employee
- Multiple income category option (allow for 6
   user-defined income categories)

Time Charges Reports
- Displays hours worked and labor costs by
   project or by employee for a specified date
   range. (Available when Payroll is used in
   conjunction with Job Costing or
   Professional Time & Invoicing)

  Payroll Report
- Date range option
- Detail or summary option
- By individual department or consolidated
- Displays tax deposits to be made
- Monthly, quarterly, or year-to-date options

Summary of Employee Status & Earnings
- Displays all employee information in a
   summary format
- Marital status, number of exemptions, pay
   type, YTD wages, last payroll

Vacation, Holiday, Sick Time Report
- Companies maximum hours (allowed) to
   year-to-date hours (taken)

Quarterly Tax Forms
- Federal 941
- DE-6 State Form (CA)

Annual Returns
- Federal 940-EZ
- DE-7 State Form (CA)
- W-2 and W-3 Transmittal forms

Special Reporting Features for the Construction Industry
- Employment Utilization Report
- Certified Payroll Report
- Union Dues Report
- Trust and Cola Report

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