Professional Time and Invoicing

Key Features:
- Accounting for up to 100,000
- Value-billing
- Ability to mark-up expenses
- Allocation of charges from the Accounts
   Payable and Payroll systems
- Rate deviations by staff-person and by
- work codes - multiple billing rates by
   work code and client
- Maintenance of proposal and non-client
- Up to four lines of comments/description
   for each charge
- Staff time entry in batch mode
- Write-off capability
- Project number can be up to fifteen
   alpha-numeric characters
- Comparison of incurred charges to
- Accrual or cash basis Project
   Management Report
- Budgeting by client and work code
- Salesperson commission feature
   (interfaces information to Accounts
    Receivable for reports)
- Ability to record staff time by days or
- 5 user definable expense reimbursement

- Can be done on an individual basis or in
   batch mode
- Ability to print and review without recording
- Reversing feature to allow for corrections
- Invoices can be sent to text files to be
   modified with most work processing

Staff Utilization Report
- This report tracks performance of the staff
   (i.e. billable and non-billable time)

  Security Password System
- A security password system is available
   which has been designed to limit access by
   staff-person to certain master
   files, reporting steps, transaction fields,
   and confidential salary information via
   password(s).  All parameters are controlled
   and assigned by a designated system

Project Management Report
- This report can be sorted by:
          -Project/charge number
          -Client name
          -Engagement director
          -Project manager
- Ability to exclude closed projects
- Can be run by individual client or for all
- Ability to select a date range and display
   current and project to date columns
- Display summary or detail charges for staff
   time and expenses

Summary Report
- Shows cumulative and current fees and
   expenses compared to invoiced fees and
   expenses (several formats available
   including a Profit/Loss format)

Proposal/Development or Non-Charge Report
- Ability to easily track allocation of staff
   time for better utilization

History Report
- This report summarizes days/hours and fees
   by month and can be printed by
   staff-person or by client


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