Purchase Order

Key Features:
- Repeat orders
- "Invoice to" and "Ship-to" address file
- Automatic calculation of line item extensions,
  sales tax and purchase order totals
- Nine user defined terms code (i.e. NT=NET)
- Daily backup via menu steps
- Automatic incrementing of purchase order

Following are the reports and forms
generated by the Purchase Order system:

Purchase Order Detail
- Date range options
- All, open or overdue purchase orders
- 7 Sort Selections:
     Item #; purchase order #; requisition #;
     authorized buyer; vendor; date requested;
     order date.

When adding a purchase order, the following processing steps are available:
- Adding vendors (in Accounts Payable or
   Purchase Order)
- Add "Ship-to" addresses (if necessary)
- Add repeat orders (if necessary)
- Add inventory items (in Inventory or
   Purchase Order)
- Add purchase orders
- Print purchase orders
- Add invoice information

 -Purchase Order Detail report can list both open
  and closed purchase orders with all detail
  relating to each line item and its purchasing

Repeat Orders Listing
- Those who order the same items repeatedly
   from the same vendors will find this feature

  Vendor Information
- If you are using the Accounts Payable system in
  conjunction with the Purchase Order system,
  there is no need to add vendor information.  The
  Purchase Order system will automatically read
  and edit the Accounts Payable vendor file.  If
  you are using the Purchase Order as a stand alone
  system it is essential to have a vendor record in
  the vendor file, for any company/vendor to which
  you would like to issue a computerized purchase
  order or even if you only want to track purchase
  order information.  A vendor list can be printed
  either by name or number. 

Product Item (Inventory) Listing
- If you are using the Inventory system in 
   conjunction with Purchase Order, any new
   product items should be added in Inventory. 
   Editing should also occur in that system. 
   Purchase Order will automatically read
   information from the inventory product item file. 
   When being used as a stand alone module, the
   Purchase Order system will maintain its own
   product item file.

Purchases - Invoice Variance Report
- Displays all information for received product
  that does not agree with the purchase order that
  was processed
- Date range
- Shows quantity ordered and quantity received
- Invoice number, vendor number and purchase
  order number displayed

Received and Returned Merchandise Register
- Displays date; vendor; p.o. number; product item
  by date range

Ship - To Address Listing
- Will list by either "ship-to" code or "ship-to"
- Address and phone number

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