STEP#1 (Printing these instructions)
a. You have 2 options:
     - Select the "Printer Icon" on your tool bar.
     - Select "File" and "Print".
b. (When this has completed printing, click below to take you back)    

STEP#2 (Choosing & Saving the System)
a. Once you click on the system you are currently licensed for (Single-Company or Multi-Company), you will be
   taken to the install screen.

b. Choose "Save this program to a disk" and click "OK".   When you are asked to save this file, the "Save In"
location should default to the "Desktop". Do not change the name of the file to be save.  When the
   download is complete click on "Close".  

c. Once it has completed the download, minimize the screen (by clicking on the top right icon that looks like a 
   minus sign).  You should see an icon on your desktop named:


General Ledger  (sglp) General Ledger (mglp)
Accounts Payable   (sapp) Accounts Payable (mapp)
Accounts Receivable (sarp) Accounts Receivable (marp)
Payroll (spayp) Payroll (spayp)
Inventory (sinvp) Inventory (sinvp)
Order Entry (soep) Order Entry (soep)
Financial Reporting (sfsp) Financial Reporting (sfsp)
Bank Reconciliation (sbrp) Bank Reconciliation (sbrp)

d. Click twice on this icon using the left side of your mouse.  The program will begin a series of questions to
   assist in the installation process.


STEP#3 (Password & Installation)
a. A password is given to secure the integrity of our files and is only given to registered users who are on our
   Annual Maintenance Plan (for more information, please contact a Perfect Software Representative).

b. If you do not have this password, please contact a technical support representative at 626/445-9700.

c. Once the password is entered the "install" icon will highlight for you to continue the download procedure.  
          <Please be aware this password is case sensitive (ex. e3r4t e=small case)!>

d. The install program will then go through it's normal loading process and should look familiar to you!!
    <Please feel free to call our technical staff if you need any assistance.>

e. When the install program asks you for the "Destination Location"... it is IMPERATIVE that you place it in the
   correct folder (ex. c:\perfect).

STEP#4 (Disconnect & System Update)
a. You will need to delete the setup icon on your desktop.  Click on it with the right side of your mouse.  A
   sub-menu will appear, click the "delete" option.

b. Once the download is complete you are now ready to disconnect from the internet.

c. At this point go into the program and run data doctor. This is under "Utilities" / "Reset" and do all files.